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IBI Group Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates (“IBI”, “Company”, “we”, “us” or “our”, as appropriate), operates the website located at or other websites, 包括其他各种IBI网站(“网站”), 在您遵守这些使用条款的前提下提供哪些服务. 通过访问本网站或下载本网站的任何内容, 您同意受下列使用条款(“使用条款”)的约束。. 如果您不希望受这些使用条款的约束,请勿访问本网站或下载任何内容.

Informational Purposes Only

The materials on the Site, which may include text, images, 软件和其他材料(“内容”), 仅供参考之用. 内容是当前作为第一次出版的日期,但可能不再是准确的,因为时间的推移或法律的变化的结果.


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All Content, including all (i) text, data and other literary works; (ii) logos, designs, graphics, images, photographs, artwork and other artistic works; (iii) musical works and other sounds; (iv) videos and all audio-visual works; (v) recordings; (vi) selections, arrangements, compilations, modifications and enhancements of all of the foregoing; (vii) software, including program code that may execute on the Site’s servers or that may be embedded or be downloadable from individual webpages on the Site; and (viii) the architecture and layout of the Site and webpages thereon, is protected by copyright owned by, or licensed to, IBI.

阁下只可使用或复制内容内的资料作个人用途, non-commercial or educational use. The Content may not be otherwise used, reproduced, broadcast, 未经版权持有人事先书面许可而发表或转载的. 您必须遵守所有版权声明, 在本网站或通过本网站访问的任何内容中包含的信息和限制,并在内容中保留该等通知.

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